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Welcome!  I'm Stacey Linden, and I've been teaching yoga since 2008.  For well over twenty years yoga has been integral in my life -- physically, mentally, and spiritually -- and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to share its many facets with others.  I enjoy teaching people at all levels, from very beginners to advanced.  When I taught kids, I would tell them that people practice yoga, they don't "perfect" it.  Every day we step onto our mats, we can be just a little surprised by where our bodies, minds, and breath are at that moment.  I hope you will join me -- in a class, a workshop, or a private session -- in exploring your practice, deepening it, and enjoying all the wonderful surprises yoga has to offer.



Virtual Group Classes
Workshops & Speciality Classes
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Private Sessions

Online Classes

In-person Classes

 Namastream memberships:


Six-month unlimited + digital library: $468

Monthly membership + digital library: $88/mo

Digital library: $38/month


**Monthly memberships are recurring and can be cancelled through the site at any time.**

Other Namastream offerings:



$150 for a ten-class card (live classes only)

$18 for a single live class

Private sessions:


$120 for a single;

$550 for five;

$1000 for ten

(with possible added fee for travel)

***This pricing is for one-on-one sessions.***

Group classes:
(Hudson Pilates or HVG Lounge)

$22 for a single drop-in;

$105 for five classes;

$200 for ten




Martin M

Stacey is one of the best instructors I have ever had for anything.  Full stop.  She has the skill, patience and insight to make the most of our sessions together.

Carol I

Stacey Linden is quite simply the best yoga teacher I have had, whether in a group setting or a private setting. Her ability to connect to what is happening in the body and with the breath is second to none. She is an inspiration and is always connected. Plus - she's fun!

Christy C

Stacey has made me feel like a stronger yogi than ever before.  Not only can Stacey teach you anything about yoga, she truly practices the yoga beliefs—accepting you where you are yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  And that may change from day-to-day so she always approaches everyone with undeniable love. You are here and she is thrilled.  I always feel safe, cared for, and loved so that I can be my best yogi self. I have never been so grateful for a yoga instructor.  She is THAT good.

Andrea M

No matter how achey, sore, stiff, or old you feel, Stacey finds a way to bring the life-renewing gift of yoga into your body, your mind, and your soul. How does she do it? With a million tricks up her sleeve and the ability to meet you wherever you are at that moment. What more could you ask for?

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